Montgomery Philharmonic 2016 – 2017 Concert Season

11th Season – Inspired by…

When a composer writes music, there is always some form of inspiration. Our 11th season focuses on just that—inspiration. We thank the audience and members of the orchestra who inspired us to create this season of important music by going to our website and giving us suggestions for music that we would play for this season. We will delve into both primary and secondary inspirations for major works by the world’s great composers, discussing and performing these great works in a season of music spanning more than 185 years.

We hope to answer many questions that have been posed by these works: “Why did Gustav Holst link both nature and mythology in his famous composition
The Planets?” “What is the true American sound?” “How has the younger generation inspired scores of composers to write great music for them?” “Is all music inspired by dance meant to be danced to?” “What compelled Ralph Vaughan Williams to write an entire hour of music about December 25th?”

Please join us as we explore

Inspired by Youth

Concert 3 – Celebrate Youth, A program Inspired by Youth all Around Us ( February 2, 2017 at 7:00 PM)

Inspired by Nature

Concert 4 – Inspired by Nature (March 26, at 7:00 PM)

Inspired by America

Concert 5 – Inspired by America (May 21 at 7:00 PM)

Our website provides information about the music, including webnotes and video and audio recordings. Please enjoy taking advantage of the information on our website.

Why should you join the Montgomery Philharmonic?

With its unique musical program, the Montgomery Philharmonic is re-inventing the community orchestra. Like no other community orchestra, our musical program includes great connections to the community with the Bernie Rappaport Young Artist Competition for middle school students, the Youth Chamber Music Festival, the side-by-side concert with Watkins Mill High School students, and our Summer Reading Sessions.

We offer a varied program of experiences for each musician in the orchestra. Our repertoire is extensive and spans many genres and time periods. Through our collaboration with the Central Maryland Chorale, Montgomery Philharmonic members have an opportunity to play oratorio. We offer a chamber music experience, which gives musicians the option to participate in an in-depth, year-long study of chamber music, leading to a concert at the end of the season. Section rehearsals provide musicians with extra help solving problems that are unique to their particular section.

Members of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and National Symphony Orchestra serve as our coaches for a series of Adult Education Master Classes that are open so that the public can observe our work. The Montgomery Philharmonic provides a unique experience for the serious community musician who desires the challenge of musical growth.

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