2015-2016 – A Celebration of the Montgomery Philharmonic’s 10th Anniversary Season

Concert 5– May 15 2016

A Second Concert with the Central Maryland Chorale

The Dreamers of Dreams – Gwyneth Walker (b. 1947)
About – Gwyneth Walker
Gwyneth Walker grew up in New Canaan, Connecticut, and graduated from Pembroke College of Brown University and the Hartt School of Music. During her high school (Abbot Academy-Phillips Academy/Andover) and college years, she performed in vocal octets for which she created all of the choral arrangements. During her twenties, Walker was married to fellow composer David Burton (1945–1975). Upon completion of her academic training, she joined the faculty of the Music Conservatory of Oberlin College. In 1982, she left Oberlin to pursue composition full time.
Walker has over 300 compositions to her credit for orchestra, chamber ensemble, voice, chorus, and individual instruments. Her works have been performed at Carnegie Hall, the Washington National Cathedral, and the Ellen Show. Although her work appeals to modern sensibilities, it is both traditional and accessible in the unadorned style of American composers Aaron Copland and Charles Ives. Walker said about her music, “My pieces always have melody and form and a rhythm that’s right there for you.”